The Essential SwineTech® 2024 Pork Industry Events Calendar & Guide

Major Pork Conferences and Tradeshow Events in 2024

The pork industry has numerous noteworthy conferences and tradeshows throughout the year that bring together key stakeholders. As a vital participant in this community, having a reliable 2024 pork industry events calendar can optimize your event engagement and connections.

To help prepare for the 2024 calendar year ahead, SwineTech has compiled a list of pork industry events as well as an attendee guide. You can also explore our blog for additional resources and insights, as well as contact us with any questions.

2024 Pork Industry Events Calendar: Conferences and Tradeshows


January 9 – 11

Banff, Alberta, Canada


South Dakota Pork Congress

January 10 & 11

Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Kentucky Pork Producers – 2024 Annual Meeting

January 19

Bowling Green, Kentucky


Iowa Pork Congress

January 24 & 25

Des Moines, Iowa


Illinois Pork Congress

January 30

Springfield, Illinois


International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE)

January 30 – February 1

Atlanta, Georgia


Pig Ski Conference

January 31 – February 2

Copper Mountain, Colorado


KSU Swine Profitability Conference

February 6

Manhattan, Kansas


Ohio Pork Congress

February 6 & 7

Lima, Ohio


Minnesota Pork Congress

February 13 & 14

Minnesota Pork Congress

Mankato, Minnesota


Missouri Pork Expo

February 20 & 21

Osage Beach, Missouri



February 24 – February 27

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, Nashville, TN


London Swine Conference

March 5 & 6

London, Ontario


National Pork Industry Forum

March 5 – 7

Chicago, Illinois

2024 ASAS Midwest Section Meeting

March 10

Madison, Wisconsin


Animal AgTech Innovation Summit

March 18 – 19

San Francisco, California


2024 Keystone Pork, Poultry and Manure EXPO

March 19

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit

May 8 & 9

Kansas City, Kansas


27th International Pig Veterinary Society Congress & 15th European Symposium of Porcine Health Management

June 4 – 7

Leipzig, Germany


World Pork Expo

June 5 – 7

Des Moines, Iowa


South Dakota Swine Summit

June 13

Brookings, South Dakota


Alberta Pork Congress

June 15 & 16

Red Deer, Alberta



July (TBD 2024)

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


2024 ASAS-CSAS-WSASAS Annual Meeting

July 21-25

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Iowa State Swine Day

July 25

Ames, Iowa


Carthage 34th Annual Swine Conference

August 27

Quincy, Illinois


November 12 – 15

Hanover, Germany


Maximize Your Tradeshow and Conference Experience: A Comprehensive Guide for Attendees

Tradeshows and conferences are bustling hubs of networking, learning, and brand promotion. However, to truly reap the benefits of these events, proper planning and execution are essential. Here’s an expanded guide on how to best prepare for and navigate tradeshows and conferences as an attendee.

Pre-Event Preparation

1. Set Clear Objectives

Before setting foot in any event, it’s vital to outline your goals. Are you aiming to network, learn about new industry developments, or promote your brand? Clear objectives will act as a compass, guiding your decisions and actions throughout the event. Be specific in your goals — instead of “networking,” aim to “connect with three potential clients or partners.”

2. Research the Event

Knowledge is power when attending tradeshows and conferences. Spend time exploring the event’s agenda, the list of exhibitors, keynote speakers, and attendees. This homework allows you to plan your time efficiently, identify key individuals or companies you want to engage with, and prepare relevant questions or talking points that can spark meaningful conversations.

3. Prepare Your Materials

First impressions matter. Make sure you have plenty of business cards and any necessary promotional materials or product samples. Also, craft a concise elevator pitch about yourself and your business. This pitch should quickly convey who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart.

At the Event

1. Network Effectively

Tradeshows and conferences offer a wealth of networking opportunities. Don’t hold back — introduce yourself to other attendees, exhibitors, and speakers. Be genuine in your interactions, listen actively, and show interest in others’ perspectives. Remember, networking isn’t just about talking; it’s about building relationships.

2. Attend Keynote Speeches and Workshops

Make the most of the learning opportunities at these events. Keynote speeches and workshops provide valuable insights into industry trends, innovative ideas, and successful business strategies. Take comprehensive notes and engage in discussions by asking thought-provoking questions.

3. Visit Relevant Booths

Invest time in visiting booths that align with your goals. Engage meaningfully with the exhibitors — ask insightful questions, show genuine interest in their offerings, and explore potential avenues for collaboration or learning.

Post-Event Follow-Up

1. Organize Your Contacts

After the hustle and bustle of the event, take time to organize the contacts you’ve made. Sort through the business cards you collected, noting any critical details or conversation points about the individuals. This step is crucial while your memory of the interactions is still fresh.

2. Follow Up

A timely follow-up can set the stage for strong professional relationships. Send personalized emails to your new contacts expressing your appreciation for their time and the conversation you shared. If appropriate, propose a next step, such as a meeting or phone call, to continue the dialogue.

3. Reflect on Your Experience

Finally, assess your tradeshow or conference experience. Did you meet your objectives? What strategies worked well, and what could be improved? Use these reflections as learning points for enhancing your future tradeshow and conference experiences.
Attending tradeshows and conferences can seem overwhelming, but with thoughtful preparation, strategic execution, and diligent follow-up, you can ensure you extract maximum value from each event. Remember, the ultimate goal is not just to gather business cards — it’s to forge meaningful connections and gain invaluable insights that will fuel your professional growth.


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