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Our Mission

SwineTech® strives to be the eyes and ears for pork producers, enabling them to offer an exceptional quality of life for the pigs in their care. We accomplish this by crafting novel technologies that minimize labor, energy use, and sow and piglet mortalities. SwineTech® is relentlessly determined to improve these three pillars of the Modern Pork Industry.

Reduce sow and piglet mortality rates. The SmartGuard device has been tested by Kansas State University and proven to be safe and effective

Increase the productivity of the pork industry. SmartGuard users have seen an impressive 25.3% reduction in piglet mortalities.

Reduce the pork industry’s carbon footprint. SmartGuard’s environmental and behavioral controls can minimize energy use, as well as water and feed waste.

Each SmartGuard Protects 14 Litters per Month.

Our autonomous device detects when a piglet is in distress by analyzing the waveforms and frequency of each piglet’s squeal, each sow’s behavior, and the surrounding environment. In the moment of a crushing event, the SmartGuard® monitor communicates to the SmartGuard® wearable to encourage the sow to move.


Portable Design

Lay-on Prevention

Automated Pen Heating

Water Resistant


Real-Time Monitoring

Biometric Analysis

Custom Dashboard

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