0 million
pigs die each year worldwide

Our Vision

is to develop technologies that improve welfare, productivity, and sustainability for every pork producer in the world.




SwineTech is the World’s Leading Solution to

Biometric Analysis

Lay-on Prevention

IoT Enabled

Early Warning Alerts

Water Resistant

24/7 Insights

Automated Heat Lamps

Adaptive Learning

Advanced algorithms and acoustic engineering detect when a piglet is in distress by analyzing its squeals. In the moment of a crushing event, the SmartGuard® monitor communicates to the SmartGuard® wearable to tell the sow to stand up.

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  • Piglet mortality from crushing is the highest reason for loss in nearly all my clients. Many farms also struggle to provide additional staffing strategies to reduce crushing.

    William L. Hollis Carthage Veterinary Services - DVM
  • Replacing labor hours with effective technology in monitoring sows and minimizing laid on piglets during and shortly after farrowing would be very beneficial.

    Randy Stoecker Murphy-Brown Western Operations - Former President
  • SwineTech’s SmartGuard system has the potential to save the lives of 160 million piglets each year.

    Dr. Tom Stein Veterinarian - Creater of PigCHAMP™ & MetaFarms™