Eliminate Piglet Crushing

SwineTech is connecting producers and pigs to efficiently improve productivity, sustainability, and welfare.

SmartGuard® is the World’s Leading Proactive Solution to Piglet Crushing

Advanced algorithms and acoustic engineering detect when a piglet is in distress by analyzing its squeals. In the moment of a crushing event the SmartGuard® monitor communicates to the SmartGuard® wearable to tell the sow to stand up.

24/7 Insight

Real-Time Monitoring

Easy Installation

From the small to the very largest of operations, we built SmartGuard® to be minimally invasive and to fit into existing processes and facilities.

Easy to use interface accessible on any device

We built our system with ease of use, security, accessibility, and automation in mind, to help managers make quick decisions and to create greater efficiency.

  • Role Based User Dashboard
  • Analytics
  • On-demand Reports
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Accessible from anywhere on any device

“The US Pork Industry continues to suffer higher early pre-weaning mortality than desired. Replacing labor hours with effective technology in monitoring sows and minimizing laid on piglets during and shortly after farrowing would be very beneficial.”

– Randy Stoecker
Former President of Murphy-Brown Western Operations

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