Waste Less Time & Save More Pigs

The very first Digital Sow Farm Management Platform that reduces labor and mortalities by empowering pork producers to implement, track, and adjust on-farm processes remotely.

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What is PigFlow?

The PigFlow application is a novel patent-pending platform that ensures the efficient implementation of SOPs, employee safety, along with the automation and augmentation of daily tasks.

“PigFlow has made my whole staff better at their jobs. We are more efficient and we are seeing a noticeable reduction of stillborn piglets since starting to use PigFlow.”


a 5,000 Sow Farm Manager

“PigFlow has helped us increase our labor efficiencies by knowing we are following our processes on the farm. There is less duplication of effort to check the accuracy of the process.”


Topigs Multiplier

“PigFlow has helped me offer more timely care to the sows farrowing. I’m more efficient and can better assist the sows that are more likely to have a stillborn.”


Farrowing Manager

“PigFlow has allowed me to better organize what needs to happen during the day. The fostering feature has been a game-changer. It’s awesome!”


Sow Farm Manager

Keep tabs with these powerful capabilities.

SOP Management

customize your SOPs and track their progress by seeing daily task completion reports

FarrowTracker AI

allows for the real-time tracking and updating of litters in progress

SMART Workflows

empower teams to see what tasks are open, in progress, and complete for the day

Flag List Management

users can flag issues such as sow health, piglet health, maintenance, etc.

Centralized Messaging

Record-keeping Agnostic

Medication Reporting

Remote Veterinary Support

QR & Bar Code, RFID Ready

A widespread impact on your operations



onboard employees with the confidence to succeed

Growth & Development

foster an environment of collaboration where everyone can be better today than they were yesterday


create an irresistible place to work where everyone finds fulfillment and purpose



better farrowing observations will lead to lower stillborn mortalities

Pre Wean Mortality

give every pig a fighting chance by optimizing your early and ongoing piglet cares

Sow Mortality

More timely care will lead to improved longevity and production