Trademark Policy

DATE OF LAST UPDATE: June 18, 2020

Our Trademarks

SwineTech, Inc’s trademarks include SwineTech, Inc and the SwineTech, Inc logo, along with product names, designs, images, slogans, colors, product shapes and product packaging.

Except in very limited circumstances (see Permissible Use), you must have written permission from SwineTech, Inc to use SwineTech, Inc’s trademarks. In all instances, everyone must comply with this policy and any other applicable terms.

Always avoid unauthorized and improper use of our trademarks:

  • Don’t use any SwineTech, Inc trademark as, or as part of, a company, product, service, technology, or program name, or in any domain name, email address, keyword or social media user name.
  • Don’t use any SwineTech, Inc trademark in a manner that is likely to cause confusion about the origin of any product, service, technology or other offering.
  • Don’t use any SwineTech, Inc trademark in a manner that is likely to dilute, defame, disparage, or harm the reputation of SwineTech, Inc.
  • Don’t use or seek to register any trademark, name, domain name or other designation that is confusingly similar to any SwineTech, Inc trademarks.
  • Don’t copy or imitate any SwineTech, Inc trade dress, font or type style, logo, product packaging or the look and feel of any SwineTech, Inc materials, including websites, blogs and other materials.


Unless you have prior written permission from SwineTech, Inc, do not use any SwineTech, Inc logos.

Permissible Use

The use of SwineTech, Inc trademarks, excluding logos, may be necessary to refer to SwineTech, Inc’s products or services or to describe some products, services, programs or other offerings.

All such use must be descriptive in nature and comply with this Policy, any applicable agreements between you and SwineTech, Inc, and the following specific guidelines:

  • Make only truthful, factual statements in plain-text prose when referencing any SwineTech, Inc trademarks, products and services
  • Do not use SwineTech, Inc’s name or trademarks in a way that implies an affiliation, endorsement or association between you and SwineTech, Inc, unless you have prior written permission from SwineTech, Inc.
  • Do not use SwineTech, Inc trademarks next to your name or the name of your products or services.
  • Do not alter, adapt, modify or otherwise change any SwineTech, Inc trademarks.
  • Do not combine SwineTech, Inc trademarks with any other letters, numbers, words, or any design or logo.
  • Do not display any SwineTech, Inc trademarks more prominently than your name or your product or service name.

SwineTech, Inc trademarks should not be the visual focus of any materials.

  • Always ensure that SwineTech, Inc trademarks are visually distinguishable from your name and your product and service names.
  • Use SwineTech, Inc’s trademarks as adjectives along with nouns that identify the relevant product or services
  • Properly mark and attribute SwineTech, Inc’s trademarks. In the US, use the ® or ™ symbol in accordance with our Trademark list and include the following ownership statement. Outside the US, do not use either symbol but include the following ownership statement:
    ◦ “[Insert relevant mark] is/are registered trademark(s) or trademark(s) of SwineTech, Inc, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries.“

Products – Know Your Distributor

We take the protection of our brand very seriously, as this helps protect our customers. SwineTech, Inc has strict quality control and design requirements to ensure product integrity and maximum functionality. Always buy from an authorized distributor of our products to help maintain the authenticity of our brand.

If you suspect that you have purchased counterfeit products or believe a seller is involved in selling unauthorized products, contact

If you have any questions about this policy, or would like to report misuse of SwineTech, Inc’s trademarks, please contact

Additional Information

SwineTech, Inc reserves the right to modify or supplement this policy at any time. This policy does not constitute legal advice. If you have any questions regarding your legal rights or obligations, contact your attorney.

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