PigFlow FAQ's

Improve production outcomes by streamlining and automating routine and emergency care, communication, daily workflows, administrative tasks, and herd diagnostics.

Price, Value and ROI

PigFlow is priced at $6 USD per sow per year, or just $0.50 USD per sow per month. As a subscription, it’s an investment that pays for itself by enhancing farm efficiencies, employee engagement, and compliant pig care. Experience the value of PigFlow in your sow farm operations today.

The cost of the network and phones varies depending on the specific needs of each farm. To provide an accurate quote, our team conducts a site survey tailored to each farm’s unique circumstances.

The ROI from PigFlow is realized in several key areas:
  • Operational Efficiency: PigFlow streamlines daily care routines and process adherence, making the team more productive. Users have reported leaving the barn 1-2 hours earlier each day, confident that everything has been done right.
  • Employee Engagement: With improved training, accountability, and ownership, PigFlow enhances employee engagement, leading to better onboarding times and retention. As one producer said, “PigFlow has made my whole staff better at their jobs.”
  • Pig Care: PigFlow has a direct impact on animal health, improving farrowing rates and reducing pre-wean and sow mortalities. One user witnessed a drop in stillborn rates from 6% to an astonishing 2.3%, along with a 2% decrease in sow mortality.
For a personalized understanding of potential ROI for your operation, use our dedicated ROI calculator available on our website: https://swinetechnologies.com/pigflow-roi/

The value of the investment should be experienced within the first few weeks, while the ROI payback time may vary for each farm.

The primary impact on production will be visible in the mortality rates. Proper placement of personnel, equipped with accurate information and guidelines, ensures high-quality care, contributing to reduced stillborns and pre-weaning mortalities. Be aware that a significant reduction in sow mortality may take longer Do you have someone I can call and talk to? 

We would be happy to connect you with a few of our customers who have similar operations to yours. A call with one of these producers will give you a better understanding of how they have benefited from PigFlow, including any tips or advice they may have for implementing the system effectively. Let us know if you’d like us to set up this call for you.


PigFlow is available for download on most Android devices. However, please be aware that we can only recommend devices that we have thoroughly tested for quality and compatibility with our system. We currently provide and recommend the Samsung – Galaxy A23 5G 64GB Unlocked – SM-A236UZKDXAA, Google Pixel 6 – 5G Android Phone – Unlocked with Wide and Ultrawide lens 128GB – GA02900-US, and the Moto G-Power 2021 version for optimal performance and user experience. If you intend on using PigFlow on another Android device, we encourage you to reach out to us for confirmation and compatibility testing to ensure the best results.

Yes, PigFlow is capable of scanning barcodes, QR codes, and connecting via bluetooth to RFID readers.

Record Keeping

While PigFlow does capture and store essential data points throughout the reproductive process, it is fundamentally different from traditional record-keeping software. PigFlow is a workforce management and pig care platform designed to guide on-farm employees, prioritize tasks, and enhance communication during the workday. Rather than providing historical analysis, it delivers real-time, actionable insights to improve daily operations and pig care.

Additionally, PigFlow is record-keeping agnostic, meaning it can work well with most other record-keeping programs. This allows PigFlow to focus on the tactical execution of the farm’s strategy, ensuring that every action taken on the farm aligns with the overall strategic goals. In this way, PigFlow helps to bridge the gap between strategy and tactics, ensuring that you’re not just “winning battles,” but also “winning the war.”

PigFlow has been designed to be compatible with a range of record-keeping solutions, including PigKnows, Porcitec, MetaFarms, and PigChamp, among others. This means that data from PigFlow can be easily and efficiently transferred into your existing record-keeping system.

This data transfer process is typically quick, generally taking between 10-15 minutes, depending on the specific record software you use. The records system will then validate the entries, highlighting any that pass or fail, which simplifies the process and reduces the likelihood of errors or discrepancies. This integration ensures that your record-keeping system remains updated and accurate, benefiting from the real-time, actionable data provided by PigFlow.

Please note that download times may vary depending on the size of the data retrieval. Typically, this process takes only seconds to a few minutes to complete.

Yes, PigFlow enhances the trust in data accuracy. In traditional data collection methods, it’s often unclear who entered the data, and there are risks of transcription errors, data falsification, or mistakes due to lack of validation processes. However, PigFlow allows each team member to take ownership of the data they enter and ensures that it passes through validations. PigFlow keeps a history of the data and who entered it to ensure that people are accountable, resulting in faster, more accurate data entry, and enabling teams to operate with LIVE data.

SwineTech takes data security and privacy very seriously and does not share identifiable data with anyone without the customers’ explicit consent. In our Terms & Conditions, customers acknowledge and agree that SwineTech may collect, store, and retain aggregate non-identifiable data derived from performance of Products and Services in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. For additional information or a copy of our Terms & Conditions, please contact us.

Prop 12 Compliance Simplified

Discover the ease of compliance with PigFlow®.