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Company History

Matthew Rooda, SwineTech Founder and CEO, grew up in a family of pork producers and quickly learned the value of a good work ethic. In 2013, Rooda was working as an assistant farm manager and farrowing manager on a farrow to finish farm in Waterloo, Iowa. It was here that Rooda battled the historic problem of piglet crushing with no avail. The team had implemented all of the necessary caregiving procedures, but nothing seemed to solve the problem. The farm could not afford to be staffed 24/7, and as a result each morning Rooda would return to the farm to find dozens of crushed baby piglets. Rooda knew that there had to be a better way, and in pursuit of that solution he transferred to the University of Iowa. There he majored in genetics and biotechnology in hopes of becoming a veterinarian. Quickly into the program he realized that he could use classical conditioning to teach sows to not crushed their babies.

In 2015, Rooda quickly pulled together a team of experts and got to work. The pig project quickly became a business, and that business was quickly thrown into the spotlight. The SwineTech team spent months in business incubators and endless hours on the farm to develop the very best solution for farmers all around the world.

In 2017, SwineTech won the Lemelson-MIT Invention Award and were featured on CNN, NBC, MSN, Success Magazine, and many other news outlets. SwineTech, Inc. was awarded Global Innovation of the Year in Frankfurt, Germany. The team continues to grow and SwineTech is dedicated to serving pork producers all around the world. It is SwineTech’s mission to sustainably improve the way we produce pork so that we can feed a rapidly growing population.