SwineSeal: Liquid Bandage for Swine

The most cost-effective liquid bandage crafted specifically for swine.


Fewer Infections + Quicker Healing = Healthier Sows

Soothe, seal and protect with the SwineSeal spray-on bandage for swine. Use our swine wound care liquid bandage to seal bleeding cuts, scratches, sores, and bites. SwineSeal helps speed up healing by blocking out dirt and bacteria with our revolutionary nanopolymer barrier. Once wounds heal, the bandage falls off naturally.

Biocompatible and waterproof

Allows for safe and natural healing

Protects a wide variety of wounds

Compliant with USDA guidelines

Safe to use with other antibiotic or disinfectant solutions

The farm likes the Liquid Bandage for treating shoulder sores. They feel it does a good job of coating the wound and allows it to heal faster.

Dr. Nicholas Rippel – Williamsburg Swine Vet Center

$79.99 per gallon

plus shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the SwineSeal liquid bandage different from other liquid bandages on the market?

Our liquid bandage is the one effective, sting-free spray that will seal cuts, scrapes burns and irritations of ANY SIZE! Our products are designed specifically to mimic the natural barrier properties of the skin to help protect minor cuts and scrapes from infection. When applied, the product forms a highly elastic film that can stretch, bend, and be pulled without losing its ability to provide complete coverage. Unlike most liquid bandages, our Invisible Bandage is water-based and contains NO harsh chemicals.


What is a Polyacrylate Polymer?

Polyacrylate polymer is a large strand of molecules composed of many subparts or subunits. The specific strands we use in our SwineSeal formula are our own pure, proprietary blends that remain our “trade secret” for the ongoing success of our products and company!


Can SwineSeal be used on a wound in the presence of blood?

Yes, our liquid bandage products can be used on a bleeding wound.