SwineTech Launches the Popular Pig Podcast

Animal Health and Agtech company to offer key insights to the modern pork industry via podcast sponsored by SwineWeb.com and Hog Hearth

Solon, Iowa — SwineTech® the animal health company that leverages voice recognition, computer vision, and behavioral tracking to safely raise pigs and reduce production inefficiencies, today announced the launch of the Popular Pig podcast. Popular Pig is a convenient place where swine professionals can stay up to date on what’s popular in the swine industry. Listeners can expect to receive invaluable information on the latest trends, news, and research from various experts that guide the global pork industry.

Each episode has been specially crafted to address the current needs and challenges of today’s pork producers, while also looking ahead to gage where the industry is going. The intention is to educate and prepare producers by virtually connecting them to world-wide industry experts and entrepreneurs. On Popular Pig, topics range from the proper management of barn ventilation to the effects of Covid-19 on pigs farms and meat processing facilities. This week, Popular Pig will be releasing episodes that include the following industry experts: Dr. Tyler Holck (Boehringer Ingelheim, GVL, Feed His People), Dr. Mark Knauer (North Carolina State University), Mr. Kevin Ladwig (Johnsonville Foods), Shane McAuliffe (Irish Pig Health Society), Dr. Tami Brown-Brandl (University of Nebraska), Phil Hord (Hord Family Farms), and Mr. Wes Lack (Maximum Ag).

To view each podcast, visit popularpig.com. Additionally, if you are interested in appearing as a guest speaker on the podcast, please email mrooda@swinetechnologies.com.

About the Host

Matthew Rooda serves as the host of Popular Pig. Rooda grew up in a pork production family, graduated from The University of Iowa, then co-founded SwineTech, Inc. Matthew has experience in sow farm management, international sales development, genetics and biotechnology, and has spoken on numerous panels around the world educating the agriculture sector on innovation in the swine industry. Additionally, he has received awards from the National Pork Board, American Farm Bureau Federation, MIT, Princeton, Forbes, Harvard, Microsoft, and the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

About SwineTech, Inc.

SwineTech is an animal health company that leverages voice recognition and computer vision to assist in bringing automation and traceability to the pork industry. SwineTech’s product, SmartGuard, provides the automation necessary to more successfully prevent piglet deaths from crushing and starvation, track and facilitate obstetrical assistance, and record important biometric and production information.

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