PigFlow®: Your Solution for Prop 12 Compliance

Prop 12 Compiance Made Easy with PigFlow®

To learn more about how PigFlow® can help keep you in compliance, download our Prop 12 Feature Guide below or contact our team at sales@swinetechnologies.com.

Stay ahead of the curve with PigFlow®, the ultimate tool for farmers navigating the complexities of Prop 12 regulations. Designed to streamline your operations and ensure compliance, PigFlow® is your trusted partner in meeting the stringent standards set forth by Prop 12.

PigFlow®’s Prop 12 feature goes beyond simplifying compliance. It systematically enhances farm efficiency, reduces manual paperwork, and safeguards your ongoing certification. By providing real-time alerts and comprehensive reporting, PigFlow® ensures seamless adherence to Prop 12 from space management to animal welfare. PigFlow® identifies non-compliance actions, facilitates corrective measures, and streamlines operations to reduce stress and prevent penalties.

With PigFlow® you can:

Don’t let Prop 12 compliance weigh you down. Trust PigFlow® to simplify the process and keep your farm running smoothly. Join the countless farmers already benefiting from PigFlow® and experience peace of mind today!

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Prop 12 Compliance Simplified

Discover the ease of compliance with PigFlow®.