COMING SOON, the world’s leading proactive solution to piglet crushing.

Thank you to all who have pre-ordered their SmartGuard® device.
We are now working to fulfill these pre-orders and will soon have additional SmartGuard® devices available for retail purchase. Pre-order your device today, or join our wait-list to be notified when they become available.

SwineTech, Inc. is bridging the gap between producers and pigs through sensor based technologies. The introduction of properly integrated advanced managements systems and sensor based technologies allows farmers to significantly improve the welfare, sustainability, and productivity of pork production. SwineTech’s mission is to “save a pig” and enable farmers to feed the world.

SwineTech is currently sold out of our SmartGuard® products. However, we are currently taking pre-orders for delivery beginning in the spring of 2018. Join our waiting list to get access to pre-orders or contact us for more information.

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