SwineTech introduces the PigFlow Workforce and Swine Management Platform

PigFlow Revolutionizes Pork Production Methods and Management, Will Showcase at 2021 World Pork Expo

Solon, Iowa — SwineTech, Inc., the ag tech company that leverages voice recognition and behavioral tracking to safely raise pigs and reduce production inefficiencies, today announced that it has expanded its product portfolio. Their new product, PigFlow, is the world’s first digital workforce and swine management platform proven to improve herd survivability and streamline labor efficiencies.

The PigFlow platform empowers producers to implement, track, and adjust on-farm processes from any place at any time. Early adopters, including Hord Farms, have used the product to manage a variety of sow farms which include batch flow, continuous flow, and multiplication sites ranging from 600 to 8,000 sows.

“Working with the SwineTech team has been a great experience. After implementing the PigFlow platform and seeing it come to life, we are very optimistic about what the future holds,” said Phil Hord of Hord Farms. He added, that since implementation, his team was able to realize the power of PigFlow from a communication and real-time decision-making standpoint. “We were blown away by how easily our workforce adopted the technology. In fact, it went so well that the team would even say that they enjoy using PigFlow on the farm to do their job.”

PigFlow is a communication tool that enables an optimized flow of information to deliver actionable intelligence to the person most able to act in a timely enough manner to achieve the best outcome at every level of business. It provides a record of both the communication and the resulting user action to evaluate the effectiveness of personnel, decisions, and processes.

Key features and benefits include:

  • SOP management settings that drive desired actions and behaviors
  • Advanced scheduling and custom task lists
  • Improved communication, visibility and organization amongst farm employees
  • Real-time birthing identification, analytics, and guidance for on-farm caregivers
  • Audit-ready documentation for Prop 12, PQA, and Validus audits

PigFlow users have seen immediate improvements in declining stillborn rates and efficiency gains in many different areas of day-to-day production practices.

“In my 15-year career in the swine industry, I’ve seen many advances in technology such as ventilation, swine housing, and pig cares. I strongly believe that the PigFlow platform is the next step that the industry has been waiting for,” said Casey Long, manager of a 5,000 head sow farm for Hord Farms.

Long said his team has been using PigFlow for approximately four months and in that time their efficiencies and communication, have increased drastically. Long credited the centralized messaging and task management features for keeping everyone connected at all times. Long continued, “Each week we unlock more potential within the app to help us be at our very best. Most recently we have taken a deep dive into our stillborn rate and have used PigFlow to restructure our day one processes to help us be more efficient and get to sows that need us faster. We’ve also received some of the best technical support I’ve ever seen. Day, night, weekday, or weekend the SwineTech team is always available to help and answer questions. They want to see us be the best at what we do and have become part of our team.”

SwineTech continues to change the way that producers manage their operations by streamlining their processes, data collection, and decision making. The release of PigFlow marks the beginning of a new era of farm management that will help shape the future of traceability and workplace culture in the pork supply chain.

To learn more about PigFlow, visit the varied industries building at Booth V375 at the World Pork Expo.

About SwineTech, Inc.

Located in Solon, Iowa, SwineTech provides workforce and swine management solutions to effectively bring welfare assurance and supply chain transparency to the swine industry. SwineTech is accomplishing this by equipping swine operations with innovative tools such as PigFlow and SmartGuard. For more information, please visit https://swinetechnologies.com/.

About Hord Family Farms

The Hord family is in its 5th generation of family farming, with over 100 years of farming heritage. Located in North-central Ohio, Hord Livestock and Family Farms is a pig, cow and grain farm. Its team of talented individuals and growing partners strive to raise their animals with care and utilize modern and advanced farming practices to be efficient and sustainable. Learn more at https://www.hordfarms.com/.

Media Contact: Matthew Rooda, mrooda@swinetechnologies.com

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