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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions you may have. For more specific information, please feel free to contact us below.

How does the device know when a piglet is in distress?

Pigs exemplify different waveforms and frequencies in their squeals. Some squeals mean that they are hungry or annoyed, while others dictate a call for help. Our algorithm processes these squeals and identifies those in distress.

How does the device save a piglet in distress?

The moment our algorithm detects a piglet in distress it will standby for 8 seconds to allow the mom to stand up on her own. If she does not stand up, a vibration is delivered to the sow via the wearable. If she still will not stand up an impulse similar to that of a dog collar is deliver to encourage her to stand up.

What happens if the impulse cant get the sow up?

In the event that the sow does not stand up, our device goes into a silent mode and alerts the producer via handheld device or desktop. The producer will see the alert and must reset the device in person.

How much training will my employees need to be up and running with SmartGuard monitors?

SwineTech will assist you in training your production team on how to properly utilize your SmartGuard monitors. Typically, this consists of a 1 to 3 hour walkthrough and demonstration. The system is designed to be simple and easy to use for even the newest employees. A SwineTech engineer will be on site for the first day to assist you and your team. Post installation, the movement of each device from litter to litter takes approximately 3 minutes per dual unit. We also provide remote customer service through our service app that is free for all users.

Will the SmartGuard monitor stay on my sows? Is it safe for their hide?

We understand that pigs are destructive animals and seem to break anything that they can get ahold of. This is why we designed our attachment method as a disposable patch. This patch is designed, tested, and approved to be safe for the sow’s hide. SwineTech’s specially designed adhesive will last as long as a week, but is typically removed within 4-5 days. Each SmartGuard monitor is then moved to a new litter after the piglets are 3 days old, using a fresh patch.

How many farrowings will SmartGuard last through?

Our system is waterproof and designed with industry standards in mind. Properly installed and operated, SmartGuard will see a typical farrowing operation through 3-5 years of use

How soon will we see results?

You’ll see results the first day! You’ll not only see that less piglets have died, you’ll also have access to an online dashboard that allows you to see which sows laid on more piglets and needed the encouragement to stand up. This allows you to immediately improve outcomes by knowing which sows require more management and observation than others.

How does the system adjust once a sow learns to stand up on her own?

The system is designed with fail safes in place to avoid telling a mom to stand up too early. We use proven training techniques, backed by veterinarians and animal welfare experts, to help teach sows to get off of their piglets when they cry for help. In some cases, sows learn through operant conditioning to stand up. If that is the case our device senses her correct response, and will not tell her to move.

What about smaller farrowing operations with limited help?

SmartGuard is a great way to make one employee feel like a dozen. The automated heating control for each pen and the automated lay-on prevention allows producers with low staff to have peace.

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