Listen. Alert. React.

The opportunity to eliminate crushing is here. Take advantage of it now.

The Solution to Piglet Crushing.

SwineTech’s award-winning product, SmartGuard, prevents piglet deaths due to their moms crushing them. By harnessing AI to read data through sensors, SmartGuard can locate exactly where a piglet is getting crushed and will alert the sow to roll over or stand up through the use of a vibratory signal

Lay-on Prevention

Auto Pen Heating

IoT Enabled

Water Resistant

Designed to Bring Data to Your Fingertips.

SmartGuard Plus is an optional upgrade that creates real-time reports and provides actionable insights on each sow’s health and behavior, along with a heat map of each stall’s environment. SmartGuard Plus can even automate time-consuming tasks to save you time and money, and most importantly lives.

Adaptive Learning

Custom Dashboard

Real-time Monitoring

Biometric Analysis

Higher Profit Margins & Improved Sow Health

SmartGuard® has been shown to increase productivity by an average of .3 piglets per litter. SmartGuard® has also been shown to improve sow health due to more timely care, and an increase in the consumption of food and water.

Why operate at low levels of efficiencies when you can do better with a minimal investment?