The Most Efficient Way to Manage Your Operations

Increase farm profitability by improving daily workflows, process compliance, and pig care.

Are you Struggling to Navigate Change and Meet Production Goals?

SwineTech helps you collect secure data, collaborate with your team, provide veterinary services, and track compliance and outcomes.

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Proven Results

Survive and Thrive in a World of Change

Provide your staff with the right information at the right time to collaborate and solve problems.

Create High Functioning Teams

Empower Employees with Decision Making

Increase Production and Profits

Proven Strategies

Successfully Implement Your Strategies Throughout Your Operations!

SwineTech helps leaders successfully communicate goals and expectations and takes the guessing out of evaluating results.

Set Clear Goals and Expectations

Ensure Correct Actions and Behaviors

Track Completion and Compliance

Predictable outcomes

Manage Your Team and See Progress from Anywhere at Any Time

SwineTech helps you collect secure data, collaborate with your team, and track compliance and outcomes.

Lightning-fast Data at Your Fingertips

Efficient and effective communication, updates, and insights are right in the palm of your hand.

Powerful Capabilities with Task Management

Build and automate schedules, assign tasks, and empower teams to efficiently work together.

Complete Transparency & Accountability

Have real-time access to what was completed and who signed off on it.

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Contact us today so we can learn and understand your challenges and goals. We can create a customized plan that addresses your needs and help install, manage, and support the optimal solution.


IN The News

PIC Makes Strategic Investment in SwineTech.

PIC (Pig Improvement Company) is excited to announce it has made a strategic minority investment in SwineTech, a farm management solutions company. As part of the investment, PIC and SwineTech will develop a strategic relationship to explore and advance the continued development of innovative products and approaches for improving the predictability and efficiency of swine production.

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Swinetech empowers workers to improve the health and well-being of pigs.

“The intelligent workforce and swine management platform empowers producers to implement, track, and adjust on-farm processes from any place at any time. With PigFlow, everyone knows where they need to be and how they need to respond.”

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