Listen. Alert. React.

The opportunity to eliminate crushing is here. Take advantage of it now.

Higher Profit Margins & Improved Sow Health

SmartGuard® has been shown to increase productivity by an average of .3 piglets per litter. Why operate at low levels of efficiencies when you can do better with a minimal investment?

SmartGuard® has also been shown to improve sow health due to more timely care, and an increase in the consumption of food and water.


Real Time Monitoring

SmartGuard® continuously acquires and analyzes real-time data on a sow’s vital signs and behaviors 24/7, and offers insight on-demand from the convenience of a smartphone and web dashboard.

Biometric Analysis

SmartGuard® understands that animal behavior is only part of the picture. Supplemental monitoring of biometrics (ie, vital signs) offers a more complete and comprehensive picture of health & wellness.


Being IoT-enabled allows SmartGuard® to always be connected to the larger IoT (internet of things/pigs) ecosystem that connects machines with people. This means we can routinely push/pull information to/from your pigs at all times.

Waterproof Design

This durable piece of equipment will face the test of time. SmartGuard® is outfitted with IP-68 waterproof rated electronics. It is certified to withstand power washers and disinfectants allowing everyone to maintain biosecurity.

Calculate Your Return on Investment

*Profit will be higher in subsequent years due to not having the initial capital expense of purchasing the SwineGuard® Monitor, and potential tax benefits.


Have questions about SmartGuard®? Here’s some common questions you might have. For more specific information, please feel free to contact us.

How does the device know when a piglet is in distress?

Pigs exemplify different waveforms and frequencies in their squeals. Some squeals mean that they are hungry or annoyed, while others dictate a call for help. Our algorithm processes these squeals and identifies those in distress.

How does the device save a piglet in distress?

The moment our algorithm detects a piglet in distress it will standby for 8 seconds to allow the mom to stand up on her own. If she does not stand up, a vibration is delivered to the sow via the wearable. If she still will not stand up an impulse similar to that of a dog collar is deliver to encourage her to stand up.

What happens if the impulse cant get the sow up?

In the event that the sow does not stand up, our device goes into a silent mode and alerts the producer via handheld device or desktop. The producer will see the alert and must reset the device in person.

Stop Losing Money Due to Unnecessary Piglet Deaths!

Join our waiting list to be one of the first owners of the SmartGuard® technology. SmartGuard® products will be available in the Spring of 2018.