PigFlow: The Point of Care Platform for Pigs®

Empower employees with human centered automation driven by operational intelligence on smart devices, allowing them to efficiently collaborate together, execute tasks, and provide exceptional care.

Workforce & Swine Management Software: Simplified

Deploy Key Resources to Your Staff and Empower Your Production Teams with Operational Intelligence

PigFlow App on iPhone

Streamlined Process Design

Use PigFlow to craft standard operating procedures and set clear goals for optimized production.

Smart Task Management

Assign real-time, priority-based tasks to employees on their devices with detailed instructions, and set custom daily schedules for clarity and consistency.

Real-time Operational Oversight

Monitor team performance and compliance on-the-go, ensuring total visibility and control over your operations.

Unified Team Communication

Foster a cohesive workforce with our real-time messaging tool, which includes translation capabilities for all commonly used languages, ensuring everyone is informed and connected.

A Holistic Impact to Daily Operations

Unleash the Power of Every Individual to Create Meaningful Change

Labor Efficiencies

Save time and reduce stress by improving communication and organization.

Employee Engagement

Achieve more with improved training, accountability, ownership, and retention.

Pig Care

Improve farrowing rates and reduce pre-wean and sow mortalities.

Proven Strategies for Continuous Improvement

Measure and Track Results in Real-Time and Confidently Act to Maximize Outcomes

Goal Setting & Operational Standards

PigFlow empowers organizations to define clear standard operating procedures. These expectations are immediately communicated to employees, providing a transparent roadmap towards desired production outcomes.

Behavioral Guidance & Efficiency

PigFlow seamlessly merges live data with SOPs, guiding employees towards best practices. This not only promotes efficient workflows but also enhances the quality of care delivered.

Task Completion & Compliance

With PigFlow, celebrate every completed task, knowing exactly who achieved it and how well it aligned with SOPs. This transparency fosters a culture of accountability and excellence.

Performance Assessment & Continuous Improvement

Through PigFlow, gauge team outcomes against organizational benchmarks. This feedback loop facilitates the fine-tuning of processes, fostering a culture of measurable improvement.

SwineTech Flow Chart

Comprehensive Management Dashboard

Empower Managers to Achieve Production Goals Using Real-Time Performance Data for Informed Decision-Making

PigFlow Dashboard

Optimized Decision-Making

Harness the power of real-time operational insights and data-driven analytics. Make immediate, informed choices that empower managers to consistently meet production goals.

Streamlined Operations

Through enhanced resource management, ensure the best use of your people, refine workflows, and drive timely and compliant care.

Precision Process Management

With rule-based configurations, specify and measure your processes to boost productivity. Equip leaders with performance analytics and comprehensive reports to drive operational decisions and guide teams toward success.

Export Data and Generate Reports for Deeper Analysis

Select from one of our many template reports for quick insights or export raw data for deep analysis.

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Schedule a demo so we can learn and understand your challenges and goals. We can create a customized plan that addresses your needs and help install, manage, and support the optimal solution.

Evalate Your Processes and Refine Your Operations

Gain access to detailed information about each barn, sow, and team member. View daily changes and trends in herd production and labor compliance. Quickly identify trends and respond proactively.

Customize Alerts to
Direct Your Team

Set thresholds for notifications and assign who to inform. In-App, text, and email notifications can alert users in the event of a problem at the barn.

Export Data and Generate Reports for Deeper Analysis

Select from one of our many template reports for quick insights or export raw data for deep analysis.

Achieve Your Potential and Improve Your Profitability

"PigFlow has helped us become more efficient and has improved our ability to provide timely care to each sow and her litter. In just 9 months, it has helped our farm go from a 28 PSY farm to a 32 PSY farm. The onboarding process was quick and simple and I was amazed with how quickly our team picked it up. The real time communication and organization that comes from a wide variety of features and capabilities has improved the quality of life for everyone on our team. I would truly recommend this to anyone looking to gain a slight edge in the daily management of their sow farm operations."

– Fred Kuhr, Dykhuis Farms Inc.

Pig Survivability

A less stressed, efficient, and compliant workforce allows for high-quality individualized care. A PigFlow managed farm will see improvements in stillborns, piglet deaths, and sow deaths.

Labor Productivity

Reduce the time to productivity when on-boarding and training new team members, streamline daily workflows to eliminate wasted steps, and provide a less stressed environment that better retains team members.

Employee Safety

Provide each employee with a quick way to report a safety emergency or concerns.

PigFlow Platform Onboarding Process

Install SwineTech
Wi-Fi Backbone

If needed, SwineTech will install a Wi-Fi backbone that will allow for fast, reliable connectivity for everyone in the barn, regardless of their location. Embrace the future and monitor your operations from anywhere by also connecting precision technologies to this robust Wi-Fi backbone.

Connect with Your
Existing Records Provider

PigFlow works as a powerful extension to many different record-keeping solutions. We work with your existing records provider. Work with a SwineTech representative to connect your existing herd to the PigFlow platform.

Set Up
Your Enterprise

Create roles and responsibilities for each member of your team. Easily set permission levels, customize your production standard operating procedures, and create thresholds for real-time alerts.

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Prop 12 Compliance Simplified

Discover the ease of compliance with PigFlow®.